Super Mario Odyssey  Sound Selection - Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey Sound Selection


  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2017-12-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2017 Nintendo


Title Artist Time
Fossil Falls The Super Mario Players 4:07 USD 1.29
Tostarena Ruins The Super Mario Players 3:52 USD 1.29
Steam Gardens The Super Mario Players 3:41 USD 1.29
New Donk City The Super Mario Players 3:20 USD 1.29
Jump Up, Super Star! NDC Festi The Super Mario Players feat.Kate Davis 4:18 USD 1.29
Shiveria : Town The Super Mario Players 2:42 USD 1.29
Bowser's Castle The Super Mario Players 3:30 USD 1.29
Break Free (Lead the Way) The Super Mario Players feat.Kate Davis 2:58 USD 1.29
Jump Up, Super Star! Japanese The Super Mario Players feat.Aimi Mukohara 4:07 USD 1.29
Break Free (Lead the Way) Japa The Super Mario Players feat.Aimi Mukohara 2:58 USD 1.29
Jump Up, Super Star! [Instrume The Super Mario Players feat.Kate Davis 1:56 USD 1.29
Jump Up, Super Star! Japanese The Super Mario Players feat.Aimi Mukohara 1:56 USD 1.29


  • Super Mario Odyssey

    By Klucinec
    Super Mario Odyssey
  • Jump Up Superstar is overrated

    By MarioManiac88
    Look the Odyssey OST is fantastic, and I’m happy at least some of it is on here, but seriously? Only 12 songs, 4 of which are variations of Jump Up Superstar? That’s honestly ridiculous. I mean most of the other choices were really good, but there were plenty of songs that should have been on here that weren’t. Take a page from Pokémon Co., SEGA, hell even the Kirby Planet Robobot OST was treated significantly better than this.
  • Missing songs

    By Gugukey
    Missing some songs like one of my favorites on this game “lost kingdom “
  • Good move

    By mario14th
    Fantastic that Nintendo had decided to start releasing soundtracks in iTunes. Only which they had put all the song on here instead of some of them, I would even pay more for a complete ost.
  • Go play the game

    By Super Humpherycalidocious
    Seriously, this is an amazing soundtrack. Now go play super Mario odyssey!
  • Oh boy

    By The Hayden Show Deluxe
    I bought it and it’s amazing!
  • Mario

    By Azeglif
    I love Jump Up Super Star! So good!
  • Not surprisingly, these are some great tunes from Nintendo

    By lilredkoopa
    Nintendo games have some of the best OSTs in the business, and Super Mario Odyssey’s is another hit. I just wish I could buy more from Nintendo if anything.
  • Full Album Maybe?

    By Adam Eoff
    The Super Mario soundtracks have always been truly incredible. The orchestra does a perfect job of making these compositions sound tremendously beautiful. One option I still ponder, is the release of these full soundtracks on iTunes. I would even be willing to purchase copies of your music for over twenty dollars a soundtrack. Also for previous game releases! It is suggested from me that Nintendo should upload every full Mario soundtrack for purchase on iTunes.
  • Addicted to jump up super star

    By Shadowguy128
    I didn’t buy the song and I’m addicted to it. Pure gold Nintendo