• Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-08-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:43

Music Video


  • Amazing

    By likeweuseddto
    The visuals are so amazing ,, I love this song so much! BTS are kings
  • 💗🔥

    By Cup_Noodles
    the lyrics 🤙🏻🤙🏻 BTS is spitting out straight facts about the kpop industry
  • BTS is winning

    By crustycristal
    We love and support you guys no matter what and your music is everything. Keep doing what your doing and ignore all the pathetic haters❤️😍
  • Amazing

    By auOE000
    I loved it
  • a banger!

    By Cashdash#1
    ooF words cant explain but this song is a must and a bop and i will forever love idol STREAM IDOLS LOVES
  • ✨😌❤️

    By ccj95
    ❤️love it
  • perfect

    By samreeland
    hey u know bts
  • Legends

    By 😏Nidia
    Nuff said
  • IDOL 💗🔥

    By Ajswiftie310
    Yesss love this music video and song it is amazing and awesome love these guys
  • IDOLIs the number one song

    By kady0307
    I have at least one comment about everyone of you J hope What I have to say about you I hope you take to heart you honestly care about everyone of your members whether some days you’re having a really bad day or just in a really bad mood you always able to cheer them up there always able to cheer you up I like that about you next Jimin I honestly think you are unique in many ways do your gorgeous hair or your incredibly strong heart whenever someone on stage Has fallen over you keep your eye on them for the rest the concert you care and that’s what I love about you next Jin I love you because of your adorable baby face and how much you Love to eat That’s what I love about you next suga Personally I love your album August D All of the crazy beats out of order everythingI love that about you now jungkook you’re special because you’re probably one of the boldest People I have ever known you have a very large heart you may be the youngest in the toughest but don’t let that get you down now rap monster As the leader of the group you take the most responsibility right I hope that you learn to leave these young boys into their lives and teach them right from wrong now for my bias Tae tae or v I love you because everything mean you have a lot in common with me we both like sweatpants I like sweatpants you love sweatshirts I love sweatshirt I love food and sleep just like you do and I hope you continue to do all that you do in your life because seeing you on TV makes you happy you were the one that actually gave me courage to do a lot of stuff and I hope this message actually gets to To all of you to here or read but I wish you luck in your life 😘😘😘😘😘So bye for now