Back to Black

Amy Winehouse

  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:08

Music Video


  • Demanding HD!

    By Stefan Gavrilovic
    I want this video in HD, I love it so much!
  • Incredible.

    By AshleyMcGlamour
    This video sends shivers down my spine every time I see it. Amy's voice is beautiful, the lyrics are just real, and the funeral setting of the video is sad & eerie, now that Amy is gone. Wonderful song. Would recommend the song itself, the album, or this video.
  • The best!!!

    By erudito cubano miami
    Wow such talent!!
  • Censorship

    By Schlomo1
    I could only give this video 4 stars because of the censorship. I can't believe that we can't be trusted to be able to handle a couple of "blue" words. The words are not just for shock value, they actually add to the story told. Without them, the song lacks it's original intensity. I'd really like my money back and just go back to enjoying the song itself, which I give 5 stars.
  • Amy music review

    By Sadie2207
    Amy has the most amazing voice that I've heard within the last decade...lots of imitators, but only she can bring her lyrics and voice together for the most incredible record, "Back to Black" should be a staple in everyone's ipod bc it's like a book of poetry. Can't wait for her next record!!
  • I was never much into R&B or soul...

    By gennx
    didnt dislike it- heard a few good songs on radio-years ago... mostly in to 'indie-alt' stuff-and then on KEXP-an 'alternative' FM station, my ears pricked up when I heard this-paying some attention to the music scene-I thought wha?! Since when is there a new Martha and the Vandellas or 1960s soul/R&B singer around!?. Amy Winehouse- at first I couldnt wrap my mind around it- a 60's sounding soul/Jazz singer TODAY? And then finding she was 22 or thereabouts. Something about her voice is not just sexy, its beyond that- it has the experienced but world weary sound of a soul trying to keep her life together...her voice is very compelling, and the jazzy smoky club music arrangements just WORK! You can hear her pain. I am hooked. I really hope she comes through all of her current setbacks....she is a rare jewel.

    By f0evs123
    amy is my favorite. end of story. she's original, talented, gorgeous, and i don't care if she's got problems, it doesn't make her music any less incredible. get better amy! i love youuuu
  • Really gut-wrenching

    By slicediamond
    Holy cow...I only downloaded the video because I love the song so much. I'd have to say, I don't particularly enjoy watching her sing (especially in the 30-second clip), but I couldn't tear my eyes away from this video. It has to be the most genuine video I've ever seen - I was tearing up! It's painful to watch, especially if you've ever gone through a tough breakup. The end frame is kind of's good to clue the viewer into what's going on, but it could have been done more subtley...but that's my only complaint! Really, it's an amazing video.

    By aaj13
  • Pure Beauty* except for the censorship

    By Gio Metodiev
    Beautiful concept and execution!!! The B&W always makes for a dramatic and impactful effect. NOTE to future buyers: This is the censored version of the lyrics...quite annoying and I wish iTunes specified it in advance.

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