Declaration (This Is It!)

Kirk Franklin

  • Genre: Christian & Gospel
  • Release Date: 2007-01-11
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:25

Music Video


  • luvinn it!!

    By #1ratpackfan
    I like the old time boxing ERA as a setting. I never new that Kirk was that short though
  • it's a pretty good song with not so hot lyrics

    By joel151617
    it's a pretty good song with not so hot lyrics, but hay you might like it
  • Keep it comin Kirk

    By livnforGod
    Way 2 go kirk! this was an awesome video and shows u don't have to listen to horrible music to c a good music video. And the whole thing about him being nude? cmon i haven't seen a boxer with a shirt on. Great video i recommend all his music and he is a great guy :] Go Kirk!!!!!
  • Too far...Too much...

    By Jay Willy
    This video is shameless. Kirk flaunting his body & using his sexuality and ripped abs to sell his product? Wow. It's a shame that our debased culture has infiltrated the Christian music industry to this extent instead of the other way around...Paul's word are appropo here: "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed through the renewing of your mind...let us behave properly...not in sensuality, but put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts." Hey Kirk...He must increase and you must decrease, Bro. Work it out.
  • This is the problem with "Church Folk & Religion"

    By Wise Soun
    Kirk is posing as a boxer. His video, which should have been reflecting the song, did just that! A video for a song is suppose to bring understanding in a new way that the music alone may not have done. He brought a message to people who may not be in the church house. Please keep in mind that the bar songs of old all had their foundation in church music. What God made for good Satin trys to use for bad. Kirk has taken it back. Momma always said that the worse folk around is 'church folk' At least you know the world is out to get you. Stop being church folk & be CHRISTIANS!
  • Excellent

    By j tribe
    This is an awesome music video - Christian music needs professionals to do a professional job, and in a day when most Christian music videos are lame and low budget, this one is very well done! Kirk is always pushing the boundaries striving to reach a generation that is not being reached. Do I approve of his lack of modesty? No. Do I approve of the heart in which he did it? Absolutely.

    By horsefeathers90
    I think that Kirk Franklin did marvelous things with this song. I love the whole remix/mix-in thing he did with "This Is It". The message that comes across is amazing. THIS IS IT, CHRISTIANS! We don't have to live afraid anymore. No anxieties if we have the Lord!! The sooner we realize this, the better. Regardless of half-nakedness, this is one of the greatest videos in Christian music. I adore the analogy, and I don't think it would have been as realisitc if Kirk had a shirt on... If he had a big flabby body, people may have said that he should've had a shirt on, but it would've been for a completely different reason. Point is, it's a good video, and I think it would've been a blatant display of vanity if he HAD kept his shirt on. GREAT VIDEO. BUY IT IF POSSIBLE!
  • i knew this was going to happen.

    I knew that people were going to be trippin' over this video! First off, people have been complaining that Kirk is more "funky" than "praising". Who are you to say that he can't be lifting his God up with R&B tracks and hiphop beats? Secondly, to the guy who said Kirk exposed too much: I'll give you that women might be thinking about Kirk's body (I'm not!), but think about it. How many professional boxers and wrestlers wear shirts to their matches? Not many. Be real. Thirdly, the girl he kisses in the video after he wins the fight is his WIFE. Don't go around saying that Kirk Franklin kisses some random girl. It's his wife Tammy (or something like that.) So please leave Kirk alone and I hope that he's not too discouraged by your judgemental attitude. Kirk, you rock! In an age where R&B and hiphop is drawing people to bad music, you are drawing people to GOD! Keep up the good work!
  • Food 4 thought

    By BL4
    Kirk has produced some great songs that has lifted Jesus up. I just pray that his focus stays on Christ and not on the hype and fame of Kirk's name. I feel as a man of God we should always try to lift God up and not our self's. In this video I feel Kirk shouldn't have exposed him self like he did. Hopefully during praise and worship service at his church the women in the congregation can focus on God and not on Kirk's body. satan is deceptive and can use this video to distract a womens attention off God and on him and his ways. All in all.....I just try to leave as little room posible for satan to move as I can and try not to put any tools at his disposal...