Little Bit

Lykke Li

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2008-06-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:51

Music Video


  • This song is on Drake

    By elaine kyle
    Love her voice. She has one of those voices that adapts well to just about any beat line.
  • Huh???

    By The WeaselGirl
    I discovered her through the New Moon soundtrack, and i looked her up on itunes. she isnt what i expected....her videos are strange but they're good, and her voice is kindof hipnotic. she's different, and she definitely isnt your regular artist.
  • Love this song and she's cute- simple but attractive video

    By MrThor
    Hey something about her eyes is mesmerizing and she's a looker. Rather uninteresting video made interesting by her.
  • ehh..

    By Linizzle<3
    I like this song better with Drake on it.
  • she's intriguing

    By moniemuse
    This video is amazing, its simple and complex. Her facial expression captures the emotion and lyrics to the song. I enjoy every bit of her work, its constant, honest and constantly evolving.
  • I truly think she is the music of tomorrow!

    By Manuel2Life
    wow! I discovered her when her music video was free last week and i really like her! she's a unique artist and her videos are twisted. She's awesome and she has a nice voice!
  • ummm. . . . . . . . . . . . .

    By LardNugget
    not quite sure about this song. It's weird but catchy too. And her other music kinda sounds all the same. but that's just my opinion. click 'yes' if you agree. :D
  • HAWT!

    By Grasnalg
    Wow, I love the way this girl dances, and she is gorgeous! Love her videos. Very different.
  • so. . . .

    By bellaBabe9
    well i like the song but the video is baaaaaaad. whats with the caveman playing the piano?
  • 'Little bit' indecisive in purchasing

    By AvisPhlox
    ... Not because of the video, I LOVE IT! But because I see it all the time on YouTube, and although YT's quality isn't as crisp, it's still a pretty good video. I've seen her live at the El Rey in Los Angeles, only inches away, she's amazing in person. Perhaps for some it's not such a great video with theatrical camera shots that tell a story, "Little Bit" is simple, subtle, and that is what makes it interesting. I like that forward thrust motion with her hands pumping to her chest like an intense heartbeat. And the brief moment her jacket comes on and off, and she's there, engaging us... brilliant! As for the "Alternative" genre, I never expect the people at Apple or any other place to get the genre right. Yes, this song is influenced a lot of American pop music they listen to in Sweden. I'd say its a mix of Pop and Electronica. Listen to Brazilian Girls and you'll know what I mean.