Birthday Sex


  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Release Date: 2009-06-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:47

Music Video


  • Great lyrics ok visual

    By IndependentJE
    Lyrics wise, I love this long....this is a lights out single, but visually, I think the video could have been more sensual. If you're gonna do a video called Birthday Sex, you gotta turn up the heat more...I would've like to have seen more simulated sex acts under the covers or in the shower...That would've made it real hot no doubt. The song was great single on the radio anyway, but a better video could've taken this song to a totally different stratusphere no doubt.
  • Sooo sexxxiiiii

    By bubblyxbunny
    Omggg jerimih is soooooo sexiiiiiiiiiii luv luv luv this video :)
  • Nobody knows wat smexy means?

    Did anaybody know wat i meant when i said "smexy" oh and ps loved the song great job
  • Read the comments

    By FeliciaB21
    Liked the video, and I was reading the comments and I was jw what does the word "smexy" mean :/
  • Well...

    By (:Kit-Kat:)
    This song is pretty good and if your someone who thinks this song is bad then think of some other rap artists songs...theyre worse.
  • Birthday Sex. Really?

    By mzichttie
    Birthday Sex? Who would by a song named Birthday Sex?! HORRIBLE.
  • He is so sexy!!!

    By shelllbz97
    I love this song and plus he so hot!!!
  • awesome!

    By DreaPandaa
    I LOVE the vid & song but not 2 sound races but y does he have a white girl?
  • sorry but no

    By alEXisbreEZzy
    like the song but his facial hair is ridiculous
  • Yepp

    By Saleenax
    Well I do understand why some people might not like the song as much as others and it depends on what types of songs you're into but I respect their opinion. I like the song and it was a big success since Jeremih is a new artist. But I don't really like the video.

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