Imagine Dragons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2013-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:56

Music Video


  • Can’t get enough

    By WarRobots Legend🤘😆⚔️
    It has that feeling that I love
  • Great

    By Doubletap2008
    I love this song and the music video
  • Catchy song!

    By Missy L. Halfmann
  • demons

    By #25252525252525252525
    I <3 IMAGINE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!! best band ever
  • Not explicit

    By sethdasloth
    Sorceress Mickey, the song has no explicit content at all. Sure it says hell, but it says that in the bible all the time. I don't believe hell is necessarily a bad word unless you use it in a bad way. I don't have any explicit music either, but I have almost every Imagine Dragons song they have. They say hell in pretty much all of their songs, but never in a bad way.

    By 5266cancerstinks
    I have cancer myself and it means a lot that they put that on the video and didn't "clam " it like it was somthing great that they did and I thank them for giving someone that experience and writing a song that relates to cancer. Thank u again
  • This is my favorite song ever period.

    By Q999ozx-victory
    This song is the best ever. It describes me exactly while sounding so pure and magical. The tones and words strike true to the listener's heart, truthful in every word. The beat beats like my heart, striking a vital connection. Imagine Dragons could not do better… ever. Nor could any other band. This song will always be true to my heart.
  • huh?

    By cj dj pj
    i dont get it at all
  • New song

    By Sorceress Mickey
    This song is OK, but it needs to be cleaned up due to language content. I don't like explicit content at all.
  • thx

    By mohrbutter27
    i love the song… but the vid is so… cheesy and sad

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